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don’t look at us like we’re loco. you are too.

If La Lola LocaSM could talk, she’d tell you that the essence of Latin American cuisine is more than marinated meats and fiery toppings in time-honored pairings: it’s about the tradition of sharing those plates with a friend…or five.

And if our tacos could talk? Well, those tasty little fellas would admit they’re the perfect fuel for the festivities to come.

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Meet lola


our loco worldview

We believe every day ought to be a fiesta, with friends gathered, meats sizzling, and party kicking. Call it a cilantro-colored lens, but we see all foods better off when taco’d or burrito’d. Because to us, traditional Latin cuisine is really just the tradition of digging into signature dishes several times daily—for lunch, dinner, and, of course, another dinner.

Are we loco for thinking there is nothing more fun than finger food? Or a properly fed fiesta? For even thinking spice is flavor, and one can never have enough heat?


When you marry fresh ingredients, traditional flavors, and fun methods of cooking them up, you end up wanting to marry the result: La Lola LocaSM, herself. Welcome Lola to your party and let plates of marinated meats and loco salsas do the rest...or give in to her trio of fiery sauces...or her flaky empanadas.

You know... one could go loco trying to decide.

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